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Heroes Week

Each year, in November, Semper Fi Community Task Force is honored to be the host for Heroes Week. Thirty (30) Wounded Warriors representing all service branches from all over the United States are invited, along with their spouses and care givers, for a week of relaxation and recognition. Often, these warriors and their families do not receive the welcome home that so many of our military are given after returning home. These American heroes were in hospitals, recovering from injuries received in the line of duty while their units completed the deployment and returned to a heroes’ welcome. This event gives our Tennessee Valley/ Northern Alabama communities the chance to show their deep appreciation and recognition of these service members, their spouses, and caregivers. Our guests are honored at a Veterans Day Breakfast and Parade, Marine Corps Ball, fishing tournaments, parade of boats, numerous lunches and dinners hosted by community groups and businesses. The week also gives the families a chance to take a break from the stresses of recovery and rehabilitation, and there is an opportunity for some much needed appreciation and attention for the primary caregivers of the Wounded Warrior. Couples often remark on how therapeutic the week has been for their relationships and a unique new group of special friends they made, all who faced similar circumstances.

A smaller group of warriors comes back to Huntsville two weeks later for a Heroes Hunt, sponsored by SFCTF, local land owners and vendors. These hunts are specifically designed for the disabled and offer the opportunity for the troops to get back in the woods and enjoy a hobby that they loved before their injury. It is therapeutic for the troops and for their hosts.


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