Semper Fi Community Task Force actively seeks opportunities to support North Alabama Veterans in need. SFCTF acts in partnership with similarly-minded local organizations and citizens to pool resources to support local wounded heroes, service members, veterans and their families while making a differe nce to the community as a whole.

SFCTF’s Veterans Outreach Program provides:

  • Grants to local veterans and their families for necessary financial support for basic needs — food, shelter, utilities and travel
  • Referral services to veterans in need of care and support beyond the scope of SFCTF including counseling, budgeting, job training, and resume building
  • Communication via webpage and email, circulating resumes and notification of open positions regionally in an effort to find employment for veterans residing in North Alabama
  • Volunteer labor and fiscal support making improvements to veteran homes

The Veteran’s Outreach committee of the SFCTF has strengthened its relationship with partners and provides timely and targeted support to the veterans in our community to the betterment of all.