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Semper Fi Racing – Background 

Semper Fi Racing provides a unique educational experience that teaches STEM, stress management and time management, among other things, in a safe, fun, welcoming environment.

The Semper Fi Community Task Force Racing (Semper Fi Racing) Team was established in 2016 and provides the children of Gold Star families and wounded/injured Veterans the opportunity to participate in the sport of Quarter Midget racing. Volunteers associated with the Huntsville Quarter Midget Association ( and generous donors enable these children to participate in a fun sport that

  • builds self-confidence
  • sharpens awareness and motor skills
  • exposes them to the principles of engineering and physics that go into the race cars.

Semper Fi Racing’s primary goal is to demonstrate to these families that we are forever indebted to them for their sacrifice and to remind them that they are not alone.

2024 Season

The 2024 racing season will begin soon!  The race schedule is below.

Join us to cheer on these amazing children and show them the support of our great community! 

Semper Fi Racing HQMA 2024 Racing Schedule

Huntsville Quarter Midget Association


Most races start at 12:30 pm. Supporters are welcome to attend and cheer on their teams. Our Semper Fi Racers would love to see you and appreciate your support!

Find more information about upcoming races on the Huntsville Quarter Midget Association (HQMA) website: