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In 2006, a small group of Marines, retired, active duty, and reserve, came together in Huntsville, Alabama. These veterans had a deep desire to continue being of service to their Country after having honorably served their nation in the military. They formulated a plan to be of service to the Tennessee Valley/ Northern Alabama community.

Our mission is to lend support to meet existing and emerging needs of the local community through volunteering time and talent. Our focus is the Tennessee Valley community, military veterans of all Services, and the families of those veterans. We honor and support citizens who protect our Country. We are proud to say that 96% of all donated funds directly support this mission!

Today, the Semper Fi Community Task Force (SFCTF) has grown into a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization composed of dedicated representatives from all Services, their families, and community friends. SFCTF members apply the core values of courage, honor, and commitment, practiced during their military service, to their community through volunteerism. SFCTF members give back to the community through a long list of endeavors, which includes but is not limited to: tornado/disaster recovery, youth mentoring, support to JROTC and Young Marines programs, family readiness support to local reserve units, limited financial aid, job placement for veterans (including resume writing and distribution), and, in certain cases, veteran home repairs. Our members also donate their time and talents to other service organizations such as local churches, civic organizations, the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the United Way, and more. In addition, SFCTF acts as a conduit for companies, civic organizations, community groups, local churches, and individual citizens who want to use their resources to support wounded/injured veterans and active duty military families.

We maintain five (5) programs throughout the year: Heroes’ Week, Outdoor Adventures, Semper Fi Racing, Youth Engagement, and Veteran Outreach.

Heroes’ Week

Each year, SFCTF is honored to host Heroes’ Week – a week full of food, new friends and adventures, and many exciting activities!

Each year we invite warriors and their families who have not received the welcome home that so many of our military are given after a deployment. These American heroes were hospitalized, recovering from injuries received in the line of duty, while their units completed the deployment and returned to a heroes’ welcome.  This event gives our Tennessee Valley/Northern Alabama communities the chance to show their deep appreciation and recognition of these Service Members, their spouses, and their caregivers. The week also gives the families a chance to take a break from the stresses of recovery and rehabilitation, and there is an opportunity for some much-needed appreciation and attention for the primary caregivers of these wounded/injured warriors. Couples often remark on how therapeutic the week has been for their relationships and the unique, new group of special friends they made. SFCTF and its volunteers have built relationships with many of these wounded/injured veterans and their spouses, and some have even relocated to the Tennessee Valley. As a result of the positive interaction they experienced, they in turn relay that to their peers, assured that the people of this Country really do care for them.

Read more about Heroes’ Week, here: https://semperfictf.org/heroes-week/.

Outdoor Adventures

SFCTF provides quality hunting, fishing, and outdoor related activities to men and women who have been wounded or injured in service to our Country — our true American Heroes. Our goal is to raise public awareness about the therapeutic effects that being in the outdoors has on the mental and physical disabilities of our Country’s wounded/injured men and women. We also provide a platform for veterans to share their own stories in their own words with others who certainly understand.

Over the years, these activities have had a profound impact on the attitude, focus, and well-being of many wounded veterans and their family members from all military services across this Country. Our veterans only need an opportunity to realize that, despite their injuries, they can have a rich, rewarding, and productive future.

Visit our Outdoor Adventures page, here: https://semperfictf.org/outdoor-adventures/.

Semper Fi Racing

Semper Fi Racing provides a unique educational experience that teaches STEM, stress and time management, as well as other educational and life lessons, in a safe, fun, welcoming environment. Volunteers associated with the Huntsville Quarter Midget Association (www.hqma.org) and generous donors enable our young racers to participate in a fun sport that builds self-confidence, sharpens awareness and motor skills, and exposes them to principles of engineering and physics.

Read more and view our growing gallery, here: https://semperfictf.org/semper-fi-racing/.

Youth Engagement

Since its inception, SFCTF has had a very proactive Youth Mentoring program.  Our members actively participate in mentoring, training, and service roles for local youth.  We also bring Heroes’ Week guests to local schools where they have an opportunity to engage with students, tell their stories, and answer questions.

We recently began developing a new program within Youth Mentoring that is designed to encourage local high school students to be proactive in their schools and throughout their community. More information on this fabulous new program will be available soon.

Visit our Youth Engagement page, here: https://semperfictf.org/youth-engagement/.

Veteran Outreach

The SFCTF actively seeks opportunities to support North Alabama Veterans in need. We act in partnership with similarly-minded local organizations and citizens to pool resources in support of local wounded/injured heroes, active duty Service Members, as well as veterans and their families, while making a difference to the community as a whole.

Visit our Veteran Outreach page, here: https://semperfictf.org/veteran-outreach/.